Junior & Senior Toddler Program

12 months – 36 months

Our distinguished Toddler Curriculum and Program enhances, develops and responds to your child at every level of development and promotes good learning for a lifetime! Weekly, theme-based lesson plans address the different needs of each child through planned activities. This changing atmosphere supports your child’s rapidly emerging abilities and interests and offers opportunities for early math, science, social studies, literature, and imaginative play learning experiences.

Language Development

Teachers are respectful of children’s varying stages of language, and clear, frequent speech is used to assist children in self-expression. Books, rhyming songs and finger plays encourage the use of speech in social settings. The sign language program introduced in the Infant program expands for Junior Toddlers as their language development progresses and gives another method of communicating their needs. It is amazing to watch toddlers communicate using sign language! The Senior Toddler program replaces sign language with a second language, Spanish. Research studies show that learning a second language at an early age has a positive effect on intellectual growth and leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and improved listening skills.

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Motor Development

Intriguing activities and games are designed to enhance the next level of physical development. Rhythm games and dancing teach children the joys of physical expression. Painting, gluing, coloring, working puzzles and building with blocks enhance creativity and develop a sense of pride in accomplishment. Hopping, climbing and tumbling take place, both inside and out, in our secure and carefully monitored play areas! The Senior Toddler program also includes a formal fitness class taught by certified coaches. Basic coordination, balance and fitness are taught at an age appropriate level to promote good health and wellness skills.

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Emotional/Social Development

In the warm, safe environment that is the hallmark of all Woodchase classrooms, our accomplished educators foster an atmosphere of respect for children’s attitude and needs, and begin to guide and model positive interactions for the children. Empathy is encouraged and recognized, friendships and independent interactions are nurtured, and self-help skills are supported as toddlers begin this exciting journey of exploration!

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Cognitive Development

A toddler’s cognitive development is accelerating and critical learning skills are developing. Our comprehensive program nurtures these skills with cause-and-effect activities, guessing games and listening games. Centers have toys supporting skills such as sorting, stacking, counting and matching. Teachers nurture problem solving skills and provide areas for sensory experiences, artistic expression and pre-writing opportunities.

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