Pre K Programs

3-5 Year Olds

Three, four and five-year olds are fully expressing themselves and growing inquisitive about the opinions and ideas of others. These final years before elementary fosters the confidence and learning excitement critical for a lifetime of learning! Our well-trained teachers continue to build and support a learning environment that stimulates and reinforces all children to reach their potential. Research identifies early literacy competency as an indicator of literacy and academic success in kindergarten and elementary school. Our advanced Pre-K program is strongly weighted in literacy awareness activities. These focus on letter recognition, letter sounds, print concepts, storytelling, anticipation of story developments, letter writing and early spelling through sound, name recognition of classmates, writing and other literacy opportunities throughout the classroom learning centers. Strong planning is reflected daily throughout the room. Learning centers are adjusted on a weekly basis to maintain and stimulate the children’s interest and curiosity. Daily routines lend stability and consistency that build confidence. In addition to music, Spanish, and fitness class, our Pre K students also participate in drama class. Drama is fun, fosters self-esteem, increases discipline and concentration while encouraging creative self-expression. Students have the opportunity to act out story-plays with creative movement, songs, puppets and props. Performing arts activities provide highly motivational learning experiences where children learn by “becoming.”

Language Development

Conversational skills increase as children learn to use new sound and words, and complete more complex sentence structures. Classroom interactions feature multiple step instructions, asking complex questions and supplying detailed answers. Letter-sound connections are stressed and practiced, and print knowledge strategies progress. Children learn to retell stories and to connect various narrative events as literary skills are refined. Students learn to use letters that represent sounds as they practice writing words. 80(1) (1)

Motor Development

Continued physical development is enhanced with enjoyable games and activities that encourage vigorous climbing, running and jumping. Preparation for advanced games is enhanced by learning to throw at targets and to catch thrown balls. A formal fitness class is another part of the program that helps to build strong fitness habits.  Activities such as printing letters, drawing specific shapes and stringing objects readies children for the kind of manipulative educational tasks they will experience in kindergarten. 78 (1)

Emotional/Social Development

By the time children reach the advanced Pre K level they are ready to take on some responsibility, and cooperation with peers is understood and expected. Independence and self-reliance are encouraged as children learn a sense of accomplishment from completing tasks and feeling a sense of responsibility. Empathetic understanding of others is recognized and reinforced as children become emotionally and socially prepared for the kindergarten/school environment. 64 (1)

Cognitive Development

 Math skills appear as students learn to count and recognize one-to-one correspondence for numbers 1 through 10. Students develop the ability to understand, explain and practice cause-and-effect as their problem-solving skills develop. Skills of categorization begin to mirror patterns of brain development as children learn to sort objects by group and sub-group. Measurement, pattern recognition and returning to previously started tasks show the emergence of higher-level thinking. As always, creativity and imaginative expression are emphasized in art, dramatic play, and role-playing.

Our respected and proven curriculum continues to promote cognitive and positive development in these eager learners! 8(1) (1)
Every great journey has a great beginning!